The Enigma of Keros

The excavations at Dhaskalio (directed by Colin Renfrew and Michael Boyd of the McDonald Institute, University of Cambridge) have completely transformed our understanding of what was previously seen as a Cycladic enigma. The today uninhabited island of Keros, in Cyclades, Greece, was the site of the world’s earliest maritime sanctuary in the Early Bronze Age, and a thriving center for metal production, providing much evidence for all crucial developments in architecture.

Direction:Kostas Maheras
Script:Kostas Maheras
Cinematography:Manolis Vourexakis
Editing:Danai Masouraridi
Sound:Nikos Paliatsoudis
Music:Vangelis Fambas
Production Country:Greece
Production Year:2020

Research-Presentation: Andriana Paraskevopoulou